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Once upon a time, Adriana Gatti Liberatore of @getfitmom_ (note the underscore at the end) was stressed at work and not eating well. So, she left her NYC corporate job and became a certified integrative nutrition health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a candidate Registered Dietician with a Masters of Science in Nutrition. Now, she’s also board certified by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners (AADP). In short, she’s the person she wanted to be. She is devoted to helping others transform what they are eating. This makes her happy, as does her life in Westport with her husband and two sons. As a health coach, she steps in to review how to plan and prepare meals, how to shop for groceries, how to store or ripen organic produce, what to eat when hungry and more. Here’s how to get to the root of healthy living with a bit of help from Adriana.

Why did you become a health coach?
“I turned to health and wellness in order to improve my overall well-being and livelihood. After over a decade in finance, two small children and a difficult divorce, I found myself a single parent. To make matters worse, I developed hypothyroidism and had hit a complete wall. I knew something had to change. I soon realized that changing my eating habits and overall lifestyle had a tremendous impact on every facet of my day-to-day life. Seeing those results, I felt compelled to share what soon became my passion with others.”

How do you begin working with someone new?
“The first question I ask my clients is: ‘How do you want to feel a year from now?’ The second question I ask is: ‘How do you want to feel when you’re eighty-five years old?’ That’s because the work we do now is to establish long-lasting changes that go well beyond what’s on your plate. As an integrative health coach, my holistic approach takes a look at how you eat and why you eat the way you do. I thoughtfully tweak patterns in your lifestyle that will have significant and sustainable effects to your energy levels and health markers immediately and continuously. This is not about feeling deprived; it’s about rewiring your body to actually crave feeling great.”

Who do you think should consult a health coach?
“Someone who needs a guide to hold them accountable through their health and wellness journey. Whether they’re working on a specific health concern, managing a medical condition, wanting to lose weight, cleanse their system or they’re looking to improve their overall well-being, I am their go-to. I work with busy professionals, families, including children, as well as single parents who want to revamp their health. I offer cooking demos, kitchen cleanses, grocery tours and three- and six-month programs tailored and targeted to my clients’ specific goals.”

You consider blood sugar, gut health, supplements, lifestyle factors and more. How do you know where to focus?
“I support the idea that no one diet or lifestyle fits all and that one person’s food is another’s poison. I work with my clients on a highly individualized basis during my three- or six-month programs. Understanding the cause of symptoms is at the core of what I do. Food sensitivities are typically responsible for unwanted symptoms. That’s why we always begin with a lab test to reveal what they are as well as the state of your gut health. This industry attracts many forgiving and soft professionals, which is wonderful and is one of the things that attracted me to this career. While I’m also empathetic, accountability and fully invested motivation—think celebrity CrossFit coach—is at the center of my approach.”

You have your own garden. What are you growing this season?
“I’m going to grow some of our greatest hits from last year and also switch it up. My ultimate goal is to be fully sustainable in our house. Keeping my Summer Bibb lettuce; kale—so versatile and extremely resilient, it grew into October last year; cucumber; a variety of peppers, including jalapeño, which my son loves; zucchini; tomatoes; eggplant; strawberries; leeks; and herbs—all the herbs I can fit. This year I’m going to add onions, garlic, carrots, arugula and beetroot. Perhaps I’ll start my own CSA, who’s to say?”

You’re busy. How do you balance life’s demands?
“I learned very early on as a single working parent that if you try to do everything, you will most likely achieve nothing. The key is to stay organized. One of the most powerful tools in my life is a time-tracking grid. It gives me a helpful visual of how I’m spending my time and I can adjust accordingly.”

We found you through social media. Do you do your own posting on Instagram and updates to your blog?
“I do! I take a lot of pride in my content creation as well as coming up with or adapting my own recipes. I really enjoy the interactive nature of social media. It gives me a real pulse for what people in and out of our community are searching for and need help with these days.”

Parting thought?
“Coming from an academic household, I’m insatiable when it comes to learning. That’s why I’m pursuing my registered dietician designation as well as my masters of science in nutrition. I believe that having my RD, MS and Health Coach credentials will help create an unmatched experience for my clients. They deserve it.”

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