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Founder and CEO Shawn Nelson – Photograph by Christopher Logan of CLoganStudios

We could all use a little comfort right now. Actually, we could use a lot of it, especially at home. Lovesac is dedicated to that. They design and make the softest, plushest, coziest furniture imaginable. Consider the new Lovesac ( location that recently opened up on the Post Road. While showrooms closed because of COVID-19, shoppers could order online.

“The Lovesac SuperSac is perfect for lounging, napping and kicking back,” says Shawn Nelson, CEO and founder. “It’s big, it’s comfy, and it looks amazing next to other furniture.” Instead of a sectional, try infinitely adaptable Sactionals: “Starting with just a Seat and a Side, Sactionals allow you to create a couch that will always meet your needs. Change the covers, rearrange it or easily move it to a new home.”

The attention to providing over-and-above comfort is impressive. For example, instead of a blanket, try tucking your toes into a Footsac. “Lovesac Footsacs are big enough for two and come with a built-in foot pocket to keep your toes toasty warm.” Also, you can charge any device inside your Sactionals. The Power Hub fits into any Sactionals Side, even if you already have Sactionals at home. And, of course, there’s secreted away storage, too.

The Sactionals Seats and Sides are meant to be adaptable, so that they can easily and quickly fit into a variety of spaces. The pieces are interchangeable, like cushy Lego pieces, making a chair, then a loveseat. See the website for a video of how easy it is to change them up.

Plus, here’s an extra feel-good tidbit about Lovesac: The company is committed to sustainability as well as comfort. Some 600 bottles go into the fabric of the average Sactionals configuration, and that reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise add to landfills each year. “As we continue to expand our showroom footprint and grow the Lovesac brand, we also look forward to continuing to help people reduce their ecological footprint by creating products that are built to last a lifetime, designed to evolve with the customer, provide long-term utility and, ultimately, reduce the amount of furniture discarded into landfills,” said Nelson.

Sactionals work by combining Seats and Sides, and accessories, like a cup holder, come in Hickory, Grey Ash,and Dark Walnut colors – Photograph by Ryan Scherb
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