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Charles Hilton, the founder of Charles Hilton Architects, has practiced in Greenwich for more than thirty years. He is committed to designing imaginative buildings that inspire and delight, and to creating a humanistic architecture that embodies the aspirations of his clients. The first book to take a closer look at his residential projects, Classic Greenwich Houses (The Monacelli Press, $55), presents nine spectacular structures, each responding to an equally spectacular site.

Hilton is well-versed in the rich and diverse architectural heritage of Greenwich and the surrounding towns. His houses, while meticulously detailed and impressive, are also beautifully integrated into the panoramic waterfronts, rolling lawns and rustic backcountry landscapes that are characteristic of the historic locale. Classic Greenwich Houses highlights Hilton’s range in style, providing extraordinary examples of Georgian, colonial and shingle-style architecture. Of his approach, he writes, “Rather than pursuing a singular style, I have always actively sought to understand the distinct personal experiences, passions, and dreams of each client as unique inspirations for our work together.”

Charles Hilton’s latest book: Classic Greenwich Houses

Whether overlooking Long Island Sound, situated alongside a picturesque lake, nestled in the verdant countryside or positioned steps from the bustling heart of downtown, Hilton’s projects all feature custom details that evoke a sense of place. He works in traditional vocabularies with a focus on exquisite classical detailing, but his houses are also completely contemporary through the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and sustainable design. Classic Greenwich Houses illustrates his creativity and ingenuity to design houses that both honor tradition, while seamlessly integrating modern amenities that are painstakingly incorporated into each space.

The book also includes a thoughtful introduction by Hilton outlining his connection to Greenwich and the community and situating his practice within the architectural history of the area. Featuring 200 stunning images of detailed interiors, exteriors and expansive landscapes, Classic Greenwich Houses is ideal for architectural professionals, students and admirers of quintessential, traditional residences. Charles Hilton Architects, Greenwich; 203-489-3800;

A poolside pergola designed by Hilton is an elegant escape.

Hilton is the founder of Charles Hilton Architects, an award-winning firm based in Greenwich. Hilton received his architectural education at Pennsylvania State University and at the Technische University in Darmstadt. During his time in Germany, he traveled extensively throughout Western Europe, formulating his ideas about the role of classical architecture in the modern world. Hilton is recognized as a Top 50 Coastal Architect and is a member of the New England Design Hall of Fame. Hundreds of timeless residential designs have earned him recognition from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art and the American Institute of Architects.

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