Online Bra Shopping Gets a Lift

Wacoal’s mybraFit add helps users find their perfect bras. – Photograph courtesy of Wacoal

Finally, women have the option to say goodbye to awkward in-store bra fittings and meaningless online bra quizzes. Wacoal, a seventy-plus-year-old company, where proper bra fitting is part of their company ethos, has developed an app that builds a custom bra wardrobe for each user based on her size and shape.

The mybraFitTM app, which allows women to fit themselves at home, is the brainchild of Westport residents Naji Farhat and Miryha Fantegrossi, VP of design and merchandising at Wacoal America. They developed the free app, launched in May, to help women fit themselves at home. Fantegrossi got her first job one summer during college with Ralph Lauren Intimates through her high school friend’s father and has been in the intimates world ever since, working for Barely There, Wonderbra, Jockey and now Wacoal.

After being in the business for twenty years, Fantegrossi began searching for a way to help women who either weren’t sure of their size or were put off by, or too busy for, in-store fittings. “Most women don’t realize that it’s not only the size, but the shape of their breasts that impacts what styles will support them best. Our new app finds the perfect match of size, shape and coverage preference,” she explains.

This revolutionary new tool took two years to build, and its success is due to a combination of technical-scanning precision as well as a lot of research by Fantegrossi and her team of thirty-eight people. “What we created is truly innovative. We’ve simplified a process that for decades has required physical measurements and a fit expert, taking the outdated charts of the 1930s, which were based on two points of measure, and reworking them to account for more measure points that we can capture digitally,” she says. According to Fantegrossi, by updating these charts to better align with the reality of the female frame, they were able to increase fit accuracy by over 300 percent.

Once customers use the mybraFit calculator, which takes less than twenty minutes and involves being scanned in different positions and answering a few questions, they’ll receive their fit wardrobe based on “solution type” (t-shirt, sports, lift, ultimate comfort and back smoothing, to name a few categories). After they’ve ordered their bras and tried them on at home, they can use the quick “5 Points of Fit” guide on Wacoal’s website to confirm whether they fit correctly. If they still have questions, virtual consultations are available, and all bra returns are free.

When asked why women should trust a digital platform for something that’s so personal, Fantegrossi notes that no physical features are recorded, nor does anyone see personal scanned content (which is actually a negative, not a photo). All the app “sees” is a digital outline, and once that image is reviewed and the measurements are extracted, the image is destroyed.

While the hope is that this tool will have global impact, Fantegrossi has no plans to leave her hometown. She was born and raised here and returned eleven years ago to raise her own family.

“I’m so thrilled to be able to offer this option to the women of my hometown and beyond,” she says. “I’m hoping that mybraFit will not only be convenient and helpful, but also empower women in every stage of life.”

Visit the App store to download mybraFit.

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