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Most get-togethers for adults—whether for a milestone birthday or to celebrate a big team win—will likely end up at one of Stamford’s restaurants or bars. But what to do before the stuffed tacos and ever-flowing margaritas? Here are a few ideas for you and the crew to consider.

No. 1
Landmark Beer Garden
Bring your beer-loving friends to the newly open Landmark Beer Garden, outside the renovated Bow-Tie Cinema, through October. You can reserve the space and enjoy its beer, cider, seltzer, wine and casual food. Then, maybe host a private screening for up to thirty guests at the renovated and upscale Bow-Tie Cinemas with comfy recliner seats and next-level food and creative cocktails.

No. 2
Captain John’s Tiki Tours
The famous tiki, cruising up and down the harbor, has been Stamford’s floating dockside bar since 2018. A thirty- or sixty-minute tour for six is relaxing fun set to Hawaiian music or your own favorite playlist. If you want to bring lots of friends, book Team Tiki on Tuesday or Wednesday for up to twelve party-goers for a two- to three-hour tour. Find it at The Village, next to Cisco Brewers.

No. 3
Chelsea Piers
Celebrating a big birthday or need to get the team working well together? Maybe give into the inner child one last time by playing games or have competitive fun, like relay races, soccer, volleyball, trampoline or rock-climbing. A facilitator leads guests through the activities and then you refuel with food and drinks at the bar or a catered spread.

No. 4
Half Full Brewery
Choose from one of two locations for either a semi- or fully private party for your group of friends or co-workers who are over age twenty-one. The Tasting Room & Brewery can host up to eighty-five people and you can arrange to have food provided by local restaurants. Of course it helps if you and your crew really love beer and you are into trying and learning about all kinds of brews.

No. 5
Pinot’s Palette
If you know the difference between a palette and your palate, you and your friends might enjoy a wine and painting party just for adults at Pinot’s Palette. They provide all the essentials to tap into your creativity and bring home your artwork—and we mentioned the wine, right?

No. 6
RPM Raceway
No hiding that you’re into these go-karts. These European-style hi-speed karts are fast, sleek and fun—and the track isn’t some boring loop: it’s multi-level and takes skill. Plus, the 90,00-square-foot place has an arcade with VR battles, racing simulators, and high-end bowling—plus, a sports bar to round things out. Parties start at eight people.

Photographs: Landmark Beer Garden by Diane Sembrot; Half Full Brewery and RPM Raceway, contributed; Tiki Tours by Hey Stamford; Pinot’s Palette from IG @pinotspalette

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