Booked Solid

Set in post-war New York City, this historical fiction masterpiece follows Katharina Edgeworth’s journey from her job as a translator at the United Nations to her rank as an informant for the FBI.

A born and bred New Yorker, Katharina’s Fifth Avenue address, party invitations to the Plaza, two sons and ideal husband make her life appear picture perfect. Yet her American dream is actually a nightmare, and she’s desperate to free herself from the limitations of domesticity. So when a man from her past becomes a high-level Soviet spy and no one can infiltrate his circle, the FBI asks Katharina to be an informant, and she jumps at the opportunity.

Unfortunately, as she dives deeper into her new covert existence, her loved ones begin to lose their covers and their lives, and Katharina’s secret ultimately threatens to ruin her.

If you’re into fast-paced classic spy thrillers, with plenty of twists and turns, this one’s for you.

Who doesn’t love a smart, sexy, funny rom-com? From bestselling author, beauty expert and TV personality Chantel Guertin comes the story of Kit Kidding, a #childfree forever influencer whose golden rule is: Know your niche. And Kit’s brand revolves around skillfully curated posts about her fun, fabulous, child-free life, which she wholeheartedly believes in.

Enter Will MacGregor—a hot, single dad—whose parental status might just be a #dealbreaker for Kit, especially since he’s anti-social media. On the heels of their one-night stand, she vows to move on. But when Will and Kit are thrown together on an Instagram campaign, Kit finds it increasingly more difficult to resist both Will and his clever, eight-year-old daughter, Addie. The question is: Which life will make her truly happy? #readitandsee

Two very distinctive moms and one crazy week are the recipe for this hilarious novel from bestselling author Kelly Harms. Celeste Mason is the supermom other mothers love to hate. Everything is organic, her home is spotless, she volunteers (and wins awards for it), and she’s still able to savor a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Then there’s Celeste’s neighbor Wendy Charles, a hyper-career-focused productivity consultant, columnist and speaker who doesn’t approve of anything Celeste stands for, and she’s unapologetic about her minute-by-minute work schedule, which she executes with ease.

So what happens when these two polar opposites drink too much sangria at their neighborhood potluck and wake up the next day in each other’s bodies? Everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other comes into question. And they may just find out that they’re not so different after all.

From the multimillion-copy New York Times bestselling author B. A. Paris, this spellbinding tale of psychological suspense follows Alice and Leo, as they move into a freshly revamped house in The Circle, a swanky gated community in London with an interesting cast of characters. Unfortunately, not only do their neighbors hold secrets, but so does their new home.

While Alice is busy making friends with her fellow residents, she discovers the shocking truth about her house and forges a strong connection with Nina, the therapist who lived there prior. Of course, Nina also happens to be the name of Alice’s beloved and deceased sister. As a result, Alice becomes infatuated with uncovering what transpired with Nina two years earlier. Only she can’t seem to get anyone to talk about it. And she soon realizes that everything is definitely not as perfect as it seems.

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