Beautiful Season

When it comes to gathering, arranging and delivering a presentation, Michele Sinacore’s got it down. Having worked in marketing and events for ESPN, Yahoo!, NBA, AOL and Discovery, she has racked up two decades as an event producer, planner and designer for private and corporate clients around the world. Now she’s running her own business: Blossom + Stem. Her studio—where she creates everyday bouquets as well as elaborate arrangements for weddings and other significant gatherings—is located at 24 Railroad Place. “The train station area in Saugatuck was a comfortable spot to launch my first storefront as it needs to function as part working studio and part walk-in flower shop,” she says.

Michele Sinacore creates lush, colorful designs for the cooler months in her new shop in the close-knit Saugatuck community.

Blossom + Stem is a reward after a lot of work. “I am a former event producer who wanted to be the floral designer,” she says. “I would read flower books, study design styles and dream about color combinations. I have always been very visual and obsessed with nature. I wanted to assist with all the styling at the events I planned and transitioned into styling before deciding to become professionally trained. I went to floristry school and take professional classes at Flower School in New York.”

Sinacore is also creating a community by hosting workshops, such as one on how to design a seasonal tablescape and another on how to pair flowers in your home or your retail shop—and she’ll even do this over Zoom. “During the initial months of Covid, Zoom flower classes became a thing,” she says. “I got to train with some awesome designers who were craving to share their skills.” For these workshops, participants receive boxes of fresh flowers and supplies. “It works well because flowers are just happy and everybody loves working with them. We recently did a workshop for twenty-five women and they all had great fun and made really beautiful pieces.” Public workshops are also held at MoCA (

One of her sweetest ideas is Flower Fridays for which she arranges a bouquet for pick up or delivery on Friday (order at, and she offers a monthly subscription for bouquets and table centerpieces. Plus, she has a seasonal planter pot design. Her flowers have been featured at local shops, including Tarantino, Swoon, The Porch at Christie’s and Le Plage at Longshore.


It brings an abundance of color from the deep brown of late-season sunflowers to maroon dahlias to all kinds of seasonal grasses. You can combine kale with burnt orange roses and white spider mums and it’s an explosion of beauty.

This month reminds me of eucalyptus and pine, and I love to use both paired with deep jewel tones and crisp whites. We get gorgeous magnolia leaves, and it’s simply stunning combined with almost anything. I love pairing deep colors with bright whites and adding in textures like berries and branches. I am known for lush designs and love to use what’s in season.

Photographs: Portrait by @tomirawilcox; All flowers, contributed

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