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Nohemi Inestroza founded KEBELLA BEAUTY (kebellabeautycare.com) because she found a way to practice self-love by using the products she now curates and sells. After struggling with body-image issues for years, she found relief in her beauty routine. “Every time I applied a cream or scrub, I used words of self-affirmation,” she says. “I found that when I take a bath, in those moments when you’re alone with your mind, using those products became a form of meditation.”

Inestroza’s career didn’t start in beauty. In fact, for fifteen years she was working in the restaurant industry, where she learned how to manage a business. In 2020 she reached a point in her life where she wanted to create something for both her daughter and herself. Based in Stamford, Kebella is an online curator and retailer of all-natural, organic beauty products designed to empower women to feel beautiful. Most important, all the products Kebella offers are clean. “Clean” means that all the products and brands on its roster are free of ingredients shown to harm human health.

left: Nohemi Inestroza, owner right: Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream made with botanicals

“It was difficult to find products that were free of harmful chemicals,” says Inestroza. “So, I went on the search to find products that were locally made, created in small batches, and all-women owned.” That search ended up in her founding her own business.

She now offers a variety of beauty products, including bath bombs, body scrubs and moisturizing soaps and luxurious creams. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity that Inestroza’s daughter started, Just a Helping Hand, which helps people in Honduras have access to food.

While you might want to start with a body scrub, soap and a bath bomb, don’t forget to get a little something to help you decompress from daily stress. Perhaps a Honey Bee Revelation Face Mask or the Pure Eucalyptus Shower Mist? It’ll do good for you, for your body and for those in need.

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