April 2015

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State of Real Estate

From hot sellers and big mistakes to international influence and future rates—a look at ten areas that are affecting your investment right now.

Man With The Plans

Celebrating twenty-five years on the Greenwich scene, Rich Granoff talks about developing and evolving our town’s landscape—from downtown to backcountry.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in America, and yet misinformation about symptoms, testing and treatment is rampant. We explore the facts and talk with locals whose lives have been forever altered.


Editor’s letter

From The Founders
Of Messing About With Houses
by Donna Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Greenwich Education Group Poetry Contest; Maura Mandell and #MPWR; Utilize Senior Energy; Sole Sisters Celebration; Greenwich Boat Show
Shop: Roundabout celebrates twenty-five years of fashion; Shreve, Crump & Low; Becker Salon
Go: Flytographer; Napa Valley, California; Juneau, Alaska; Niagara Falls, New York
Home: Elizabeth Jackson Estate Sales; Curb Appeal; 60s-inspired design
Do: Greenwich Town Party
Eat: Campagna at Bedford Post Inn; Golden View Firenze

People & Places
Avon Theatre Film Center; Greenwich Catholic School; YMCA Greenwich; Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation; Neighbors Link; REACH Prep; Jay Heritage Center; Greenwich Historical Society; YWCA Greenwich Old Bags Committee Kick-off

Woodruff–Bishop; Zarrilli–Bazarewski; Pyne–O’Brien; Cohen–Adler

Shreve, Crump & Low; Greenwich International Film Festival; Jaafar Tazi Salon; Lynne Scalo Design


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Bugging out for spring!