April 2017


State of Real Estate

Can the market be a touch moody? Sure it can. Here, we explore trend indicators (from regulations to interest rates) as well as the most effective behaviors of savvy buyers & sellers

Fighting Back

When James Naughton lost his wife, Pamela, to pancreatic cancer, finding a treatment became both personal mission and community imperative

A New Chapter

Wendy Walker revels in the various plot twists that make up her life story. It is because of these that she’s landed where she is today: as a best-selling author striking movie deals with Hollywood A-lister Reese Witherspoon. But don’t label this a surprise ending—it’s just her latest act. She has plenty more intrigue planned




Editor’s letter

From the Founders
Of Fun and Foolery
By Donna Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Asha Penthouse; Kristals; Saks Fifth Avenue The Collective; Water Jewels; Inside the Armoire
Go: Riviera Maya home: Gardens at First Light; Homefront Farmers
Do: Dinner delivery with a twist; Greenwich International Film Festival Eat: l’escale’s new spring menu

Tips for making every day a party

People & Places
Women’s March: Washington and New York; Operation Smile; Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation; Kids in Crisis; Bruce Museum: Alfred Sisley; Greenwich Sister City Celebration; Roundhill Nursery School; YMCA Greenwich

Vasu–Dacey; Centofanti–Whittington


Index of Advertisers

A fiesty—and adorable—feathered friend hanging out at Tod’s Point




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