GM: February 2015

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Lord of the Rings
by Jamie Marshall
All the world really is a stage for Lisa Baird. The chief marketing officer of the U.S. Olympic Committee is responsible for everything from bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to entertaining powerful world leaders—and she does it with grace, ease and modesty.

Reinventing an Empire
by Timothy Dumas
When Steve Forbes stepped down as the CEO of his eponymous company, there was only one man he trusted to fill his shoes. We sit down with Michael Perlis to discuss the state of media today and how he is building on the iconic Forbes brand.

Fashion Force
by Jill Johnson
Margaret Hayes Adame is all business when it comes to fashion. Thanks to her no-nonsense style and steely resolve, the president of Fashion Group International commands the respect of the fashion world’s biggest names.


Editor’s letter

From the Founders
Of the Power of the Godfather
by Donna Moffly

Status Report
Buzz:What’s Up with Wendy; Little Spoons Design; Smile Amazon; Pas de Deux Bridal
Shop:New Spaces and Places: Jaafar Tazi, YogaSmoga; Valentine’s Day gems
Go:Over-the-top luxury suites; International etiquette; Resort chic
Home:The Local Vault; Sweet accents for a princess-chic bedroom
Do:Protecting the littlest athletes; Valentine’s Day Apps; Women’s heart health
Eat: Paloma

People & Places
Breast Cancer Alliance; Children of Fallen Patriots; Greenwich World Hunger Association; Wall Street Tennis Challenge; A-List Awards

Northrop–Ruff; Simmons–Bartow

Lee Ann Thornton Interiors; Greenwich Restaurant Week & greenwich magazine; Holiday Stroll & Reindeer Festival


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