GM: January 2017




By Jamie Marshall
Ever wondered what your life would be like if you followed your true dream? It’s never too late. And these eight locals prove it. The outcomes are incredibly inspiring, to say the least.

31 Tips with Big Impact
By Jeanne Craig
Doing just one small new thing every day for a month can have some pretty big results.

Hey, Good Lookin’
By Mary Kate Hogan
Regular facials and basic blow-outs are so 2016. Take a look at the amazing treatments local salons and spas have on their menus.

2017: The Year of You
By Kim-Marie Evans
Trust us, you’ll never be the same after a stay at these unique spas that offer everything from major fitness overhauls to eye-opening spiritual awakenings.

Reframing Greenwich History
By Jack Moffly
The Greenwich Historical Society begins a transformation of its own as it embarks on an ambitious project to create a reimagined campus in the heart of our town.


Editor’s Letter

From the Founders
Of Baggage and Blunders
By Donna Moffly

Notable Notes

Status Report
Buzz: Exhale to Inhale; Winning the workout game
Shop: Saks 10022-SHOE; Copius Row; Shari’s Place
Go: Travel insurance 411; BMW I8
Home: Klaffs and Lillian August; The Perfect Bath
Do: Healthy eating tips; Breaking the habit
Eat: Prime; Sparkling wine primer

Making life simpler for moms—without the guilt

Finance Fix
Financial finesse for women

People & Places
Boys & Girls Club; YWCA of Greenwich; Best of the Gold Coast; Greenwich Jr. United Way; Breast Cancer Alliance; Abilis; Inner City Foundation

Tenaglia–Millard; Corbin–Kyle

Top Doctors in Fairfield County
We present 500-plus doctors who are ranked the best in their fields by their peers.

Saks Fifth Avenue; Carson Kressley & Riann Smith book signing at Anne Fontaine; Lexington Clothing Company


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Let it snow




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