GM: May 2014

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Coming Full Circle
Flawless design combines the old and new and turns this childhood home into a livable work of art.

Human Interest
Journalist Evan Osnos has traveled war-torn cities, starred down secret police and made the tought calls-all to get "the story." Here, we tellhisstory.

An Inside Job
Ever wonder how to group those pieces of art or how bold is too bold when it come to wall color? We've got the answers to all your naggin design questions.

Destination Summer
This summer the livin' won't only be easy at these fantastic resorts-it'll be super luxurious


Editor’s Letter

From the Founders
Of Comments from Kids
by Donna Moffly

Status Report
Buzz: Jane Fonda; Kathie Lee Gifford; Happily Ever After; SpikedSeltzer; Greenwich Council Against Gun Violence; Dina Cheney
Shop: McArdle’s; Geiger’s; OGGI 5; Activity tracker roundup
Go:Fab finds in NYC
Home: Antiques district of Stamford; Bright outdoor tabletop ideas
Do:Delamar; Abilis; Piano-playing tips; Maritime Aquarium
Eat:Primary; Eatalian

People & Places
Bruce Museum, Art of Design; YMCA of Greenwich, Set Sail…Destination Havana; Legends of the 60s, Greenwich United Way; SuperShow; Greenwich International Film Festival; YWCA of Greenwich, Old Bags Collection Lunch; Stamford magazine; Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy; National MS Society, Connecticut chapter

Jagodzinski–Giambruno; D’Andrea–Fein; Macchio–Brown

One Fine Day
Four distinct and beautiful wedding styles: Coastal, Classic, Garden, Modern

Lauren Moffat; SPF Love; Food Design


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