GM: November 2014

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Agents of Change
by Jill Johnson
Our tradition of honoring those who give back continues with our seventh annual Light a Fire awards. Meet the people who think no task is too big or cause too lost to make a difference.

On the Horizon: A Virtual Economy?
by Timothy Dumas
Bitcoin has certainly come under its fair share of scrutiny (rightfully so). But could this digital currency be the wave of the economic future?

Code Red
by Bill Slocum
For 100 years the Red Cross in Greenwich has reached out to residents in their darkest of hours.

Best Lawyers of Fairfield County
We present this year’s list of the 194 Best Lawyers in Fairfield County who are tops in their specialties.


Masthead News

Editor’s letter

From The Founders
Connecticut’s Impending Crisis
by Jack Moffly
Of Being a Proper Houseguest
by Donna moffly

Status Report
Buzz:Chuck Standard Takes the Plunge; Thanksgiving Fun Facts; Greenwich International Film Festival’s Elvis Mitchell
Shop:Q&A with Roberta Freymann; Three Bluebirds; Peridot; Splendid
Go: Island Getaways; BMW M235i
Home: Winterizing your Garden; Stylish Finds
Do: Hot Hair Trends from Hopscotch; Heading to the Westchester Mall
Eat: Di Nardo’s Ristorante

Finance Fix
Financial considerations even the high-net-worth need to consider.

Special wedding trend report
Stockman–Koven; Faraci–Sullivan

People & Places
Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich; Greenwich Hospital; Nathaniel Witherell; Heart Care International; Carmel Academy; Greenwich Riding and Trails Association; St. Barnabas Church; Dana’s Angels Research Trust; Sustainable America; Jewelry for a Cause


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