January – February 2018



Frankly Speaking

We all have these bodies, but we all don’t want to talk about everything that happens to them. That’s why we’re doing it for you. Here, the answers to the questions women don’t always ask, but should. (Men, you’ll want to read this, too.)

Time for Romance

Westport Photographer Chris Craymer on Capturing Love

Going Solo

One, in fact, is not the loneliest number. Excursions for every comfort level—from the timid tourist to the intrepid traveler


Editor’s Letter

BUZZ Nic + Zoe; FacesBeautiful and Achorn Beauty Bar; Savvy + Grace; prevent workout injuries by fixing your form with Elite Health Services and Bar Method Westport; Upper Deck Fitness on fixes for the New Year; Nest Egg Foundation

SHOP Jewel-toned treasures

GO New York City escapes; Hyundai

DO “The Holy Name—Art of the Gesù: Bernini and His Age” comes to Fairfield

EAT M.EAT; Rye Ridge; Great Northern Food Hall

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Maximizing your HSA

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