20TH Anniversary Northeast Pez Convention

What’s the difference between a PEZ dispenser worth $1.00 and one that is worth $1,000.00?
$999 of course!

Stamford CT, March 10, 2018: Do you have a common PEZ® dispenser worth $1 or one worth $1,000? Would you like to see a $1,000 PEZ® dispenser? Have you even seen 10,000 Pez dispensers in one place? Why not make plans to come to the 20th Annual Northeast PEZ® Collectors Convention Show in Stamford. CT and see what makes some PEZ® so valuable and why the dispensers are prized by ordinary people around the world.

In May, collectors will be making their annual pilgrimage to the home state of the legendary candy company. The first ever Northeast PEZ® Collectors Convention was held in 1999 around the corner from the PEZ® factory, in Orange, CT. “PEZident” Scott McWhinnie was quoted as saying at that time, “This is like a Mecca for them” and that still holds true today. Times have changed and with them so have the character heads on PEZ® dispensers. PEZ® are as popular today with kids and adults as they were back in the 50’s when they were first introduced in the United States.

According to Wikipedia there are over 1,500 different PEZ® dispensers. Visitors to the 20th Annual Northeast PEZ® Collectors Convention on Saturday, May 5, at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, CT will see tens of thousands PEZ dispensers on display ranging from the common $1 dispenser to very rare PEZ® dispensers that are worth thousands of dollars. At the very first Northeast Convention on display there was many super rare, never before seen PEZ® items including the famous “100,000 PEZ® dispenser”. The display at that time was so valuable it had its own Police officer standing guard. Who knows what will be the highlight this year.
The family-friendly event offers something for everyone. Kids will love the amazing assortment of superhero dispensers, princesses, emojis and those connected to popular animated movies and TV shows. Parents and grandparents will enjoy seeing colorful characters like Bozo, Mary Poppins, Popeye and the Flintstones from their childhood.

The popular PEZ® Collectors Show, conveniently located at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel, 700 E. Main Street, Stamford, CT, on Saturday, May 5 is open from 10am-2pm. For further details, directions or pictures from past events visit www.PezConvention.com

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  • Website: http://pezconvention.org/

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