“Trial of the Century: Nuremberg Trials Lecture”

On Thursday, March 15, from 7 to 8 pm, at the Westport Historical Society, Mark Albertson, an historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine and the historian for the Army Aviation Association of America, will present a talk on the Nuremberg Trials.

November 20, 1945, 10 a.m.: In the old fortress prison in Nuremberg, northern Germany, 23 defendants fill the prisoners’ dock in the central courtroom, some of them the elite of Nazi political gangsterdom.

In the end, Nuremberg produced not the judgment of God or the judgment of history, but humankind’s judgment of its own: an admission that organizations do not start wars or commit atrocities, but people do. And be it a head of state or a lowly military private, nobody should be above the law.

Mark Albertson is a longtime member of the United States Naval Institute. He has authored several books, including USS Connecticut: Constitution State Battleship, They’ll Have to Follow You!: The Triumph of the Great White Fleet, and On History: A Treatise. Mark is currently at work on another book, Sky Soldiers: The Saga of Army Aviation.

Mark has published numerous articles on issues of history and current events and is an avid speaker on a variety of issues on history. In May 2005, he was presented with a General Assembly Citation by both houses of the Connecticut General Assembly for his efforts in commemorating the centennial of the battleship USS Connecticut. Mark teaches history at Norwalk Community College for the Extended Studies Program and the Lifetime Learners Institute.

Please register online at our website. Suggested admission: $10 members, $15 non-members. Light refreshments will be served.

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